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Before model canoes and kayaks came along, my passion was vintage hunting decoys.


24" replica (2000) of a 'Head' canoe, NWC c. 1750

Currently for sale: 48" authentic, rare, Old Town Canoe Co. 'display sample', c. 1912

​​This collector's passion .....           a

22" double-hulled sailing canoe, Manihiki, Cook Is.,c 1890

a fabulous 69" Kennebec Canoe Co. 'display sample' c. 1924; one of my all-time favourites

What you'll find here

Can I help ?


I'm often asked for assistance in identifying and/or evaluating a model. I'm pleased to try to help where I can. If you require an appraisal for donation, tax or insurance purposes, I do have extensive experience in preparing the proper documentation. Contact us.

Looking to buy ???

Although many of my earlier things have been sold, I do maintain an interest in quality indigenous models even as I concentrate on researching antique factory samples. Occasionally I have something  available, or may know where a particular item can be found to fill your needs. See For Sale.

42" 4-hole sealskin baidarka, Alaska, c. 1900

38" sealskin kayak, Belcher Islands, Hudson Bay, c. 1910

Almost 30 years ago, I began collecting antique model canoes and kayaks, mostly native-made items from all over the world. This was an off-shoot from a passion for vintage hunting decoys. Later, I turned to factory-made 'display samples', often called 'salesman's samples', produced by the early Canadian and American builders. My indigenous collection has now gone on to museums and other friends. I continue to search for antique factory samples, and am  fortunate to have found some of the finest items anywhere ( see Display Samples page). Here are a few photos showing my collecting journey (story at Canoe History). Enjoy!

32" Atikamekw birchbark model, Quebec, c. 1932

antique model canoes