​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Having recently moved to much smaller quarters, I no longer have sufficient room to display many of the collectible treasures I gathered over the years. I have a number of pieces of exceptional quality which I am prepared to pass along to new and appreciative owners.

An extremely rare pair of cross-hatched hooded merganser decoys, c. 1900, attributed to Sam Hutchings, Jones Falls, ON, but more likely made by his father-in-law, Freeman Jackson. Very collectable and highly sought after; only 6 pairs are known to exist. 12" in length, solid body, original surface, repaired bills. About two dozen similarly cross-hatched goldeneye decoys were made by the same carver. A handful have come to auction over the past 20 years at major sales, namely Tim Potter, Ted Harmon and Guyette & Deeter.  This particular pair were used on the Rideau Lakes system near Chaffey's Locks, ON, and remained in the same family for nearly 80 years until I acquired them. Fairly priced according to current auction values. Open to reasonable offers. Contact for details and any further information or photos desired.

The only known hollow mallard drake remaining in untouched, original paint, by William Hart, Belleville, ON, 15" in length, thin-shelled. Hart is the maker of some of Canada's most sought after and highest-selling decoys; he was a contemporary of Wm. Chrysler.

An absolutely superb and extremely rare Kennebec Canoe Co. 'display sample', 1916-26, 69" in length; original exterior surface; interior was cleaned, varnished and fitted with new seats and thwarts built to original specifications. One of the finest examples of its kind currently available; only 60 such sample models were ever made by Kennebec, as recorded in company build logs now preserved in the Maine State Museum. A standout statement piece for any gentleman's den or lodge. Offered on consignment by highly motivated seller. Don't miss it.


Left: a folky, 1940's-50's hollow-carved Canada goose decoy from Lake Erie, near Buffalo, NY, 14" tall, 21" long, with inletted or 'slot neck'; right, an older Native-made wooden horse mask from SW USA or Central America. 9" tall.

Old Coleman lantern with camping/canoeing diorama inside, by Chris Pearson, foremost model-maker in the US. One of very few ever made, this one is called "Bear Visit"; it shows a sow bear and her cub wandering into a camp while the man fishes from his canoe in the stream and his wife cooks breakfast at the fire in front of their tent. The lantern has a small LED light inside; works off 120 V household power. Great for den or bedroom. Also have a number of metal deck plates from Lakefield Boats, c. 1965/66. 1-3/4" by 3"; some like new, others have been removed from boats and have a few slight dings/scratches; going cheap. Great souvenirs from an 'old line' builder.

The only known turned-head, hollow blue bill drake by Wm. Chrysler of Belleville, Prince Edward Co., Ontario. A very early Chrysler decoy with tack eyes and totally original and untouched paint. X-rays show the decoy was made this way, not later altered. Pictured in "The County Decoys", by Jim Stewart. Exceedingly rare opportunity to own a superb example of folk art by one of Canada's most famous carvers.

Above, a fabulous 9' double-bladed paddle in absolutely mint condition from the early 1960's when Rilco Industries operated Lakefield Boats Ltd. This great piece bears pristine decals from both Richardson AquaCraft and Lakefield Boats. A scarce item today.

Several other items also available.


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